Xtrimune immune booster syrup to be used when luke warm for rapid results.

How it works

What is a Virus?

Viruses are very small infectious agents. They’re made up of a piece of genetic material, such as DNA or RNA, that’s enclosed in a coating of protein. Viruses invade cells in your body and use components of those cells to help them multiply. This process often damages or destroys infected cells.

Bacterial Virus such as:
Whooping cough – Strep throat – Ear, eye, nose infection – Urinary tract infection.

Viral infection
A viral disease is any illness or health condition caused by a virus. Viral infections such as:

  • Common cold – Flu – Most coughs – Bronchitis – Sinusitis – Pneumonia
  • Chicken pox – shingles – Fever – Body aches
  • Any type of Covid
  • Measles. – rubella. – chickenpox/shingles. – roseola. – smallpox.
  • Hepatitis A-B-C-D-E
  • Warts, including genital warts * oral herpes * genital herpes
  • Ebola * Lassa fever * dengue fever * yellow fever
  • Marburg hemorrhagic fever * Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever
  • Polio •viral meningitis * viral encephalitis • rabies

And the list can go on… The bottom line is
There are many viral diseases. Some, such as the common cold or the stomach flu, are minor and go away on their own within a few days. Others, however, are more serious. Unlike bacterial infections, viral diseases don’t respond to antibiotics. Instead, treatment usually focuses on managing symptoms and support of the IMMUNE SYSTEM.


How Xtrimune helps?

Xtrimune destroys the protein or spike protein coating of any virus and optimizes the immune system to give it maximum fighting power against any condition that requires the immune system to eliminate invaders and re balance and regenerate the body to bring it into natural harmony.

The statements above are options and shall not be considered as any diagnosis or claim to cure or heal any disease. Review testimonies for results.

Please note

If you have been infected with a virus, avoid consuming Fish, Seafood, Beef, Eggs and any Dairy products for a minimum of two days to allow the body to build up proper immunity.

Allow 2 hours after taking Xtrimune and drink warm water, inhale steam, wash your mouth and nose several times a day to wash out the free-floating RNA strands of the many harmful viruses. You can go for Rapid Antigen testing after 4 days from consuming XTRIMUNE Immune Booster.

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You will notice rapid improvement of the symptoms from any viral infection.

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