Xtrimune immune booster syrup to be used when luke warm for rapid results.

How it works for COVID


taking minimum 5 -7 ml a day of
Xtrimue is the ultimate form of prevention against Covid or any virus.

  • Immunity will be optimized.
  • Countenance increased
  • Alertness optimized
  • It has profound antioxidant activity which helps to remove free radicals and oxidation induced stress will be removed
  • You will experience sudden burst of energy
  • Skin will be purified
  • Mind and brain clarity
  • You can get a good punch of energy if you take 30-40 ml.

There maybe discomfort as toxins are being removed Therefore one must drink a lot of water.

Please note

If you have been infected with a virus, avoid consuming Fish, Seafood, Beef, Eggs and any Dairy products for a minimum of two days to allow the body to build up proper immunity.

Allow 2 hours after taking Xtrimune and drink warm water, inhale steam, wash your mouth and nose several times a day to wash out the free-floating RNA strands of the many harmful viruses. You can go for Rapid Antigen testing after 4 days from consuming XTRIMUNE Immune Booster.

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You will notice rapid improvement of the symptoms from any viral infection.

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