Nature has the cure for all diseases

A pure natural herbal product

Approvals completed in Sri Lanka:

  • Produced at Ayurveda Department of the Health ministry approved manufacturing facility.
    Regd: 00425 – license to manufacture Ayurveda herbal formula.
  • Formulary Committee of Department Ayurveda Ministry of Health Sri Lanka –
    Regd: 06/02/01/AE/20/1041 – Free sales agreement – distribution and sales license
    Ministry of Ayurveda – license to build manufacturing facility.
  • Ministry of Technology – ITI- Industrial Technology Institute (wholly Government owned & functions under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Science, Technology & Research) certified and verified analysis completed.
  • Bamber & Bruce analysis report – NO heavy metals or arsenic found. Extensive Report Completed
    MSDS – specifically from ITI page 8 – completed
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