Nature has the cure for all diseases

The Inventor

Consultant Surgeon (Ayurveda) – with over 20 years clinical practice and completed Master of Surgery Ayurveda

The inventors of Xtrimune humbly choose to remain anonymous and we respect that decision.

They are dedicated research and development scientists. Studying & practising herbal Ayurveda and indigenious medicine for over 30 years combined research knowledge.

Our key researcher has completed extensive study of each herb and has derived this life saving formula.

  • Completed training courses in “Combination of
    Chinese medicine and western medicine for developing countries” at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine – Beijing China
  • Member of Study Board of Surgery – PGIIM (Post graduate Institute of Indigenous Medicine) – University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Member of the National Ayurvedic Drug Formulary Committee,
    Department of Ayurveda, Ministry of Health nutrition and Indigenous medicine Sri Lanka
  • Over 20 years of working experience as an Ayurvedic doctor and
  • Consultant
    Drug discovery, Innovations and Research

Open International University of Complimentary Medicine
Member of the Homeopathic Foundation (M.F.Hom) at Faculty of
Medical Studies Medicina Alternative
Acupuncture- (M.Ac.)

The title “Vishvakeerthi Manawa Hithawadi Vidyapathi Waidya Shiromani Panditha Visharada Deshabandhu”
was conferred to Dr by the Government of SL in March 2011, in recognition of the services rendered to uplift national, religious, social, cultural and educational activities.

  • Our Vision
    To bring Xtrimune and other life saving formulas and knowledge to the world at affordable costs to rich and poor alike.
  • Our Mission
    To make Ayurveda and other complimentary Medication ( non western) as one of Sri Lanka’s largest foreign exchange earner.
  • Our Values
    Our customers are number one. We treasure all feedback in order to make the changes necessary to have more satisfied customers.
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