May Be your Virus Eliminator
Your Life Saver !
Few drops will give you the strength to fight back Xtrimune increases the Oxygen levels
in your blood and help your breathing
Xtrimune will improve your immunity!

XTRIMUNE Immune Enhancer helps to boost your body’s immune system to protect you from any bacteria, fungus or virus infection.

It has the unique ability to prevent your breathing difficulty caused by lung inflammation. This is one of the most effective syrups that can be given to any patient who have been exposed to a virus infection and even those who are critically ill. XTRIMUNE Immune Booster, approved and recommended by the Drug Committee of the Department of Ayurveda, Sri Lanka. Buy it today without hesitation and experience the many benefits for your self.

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How does it help

XTRIMUNE Immune Booster has proven its capability during pandemic situations and patients showed a rapid recovery in a very short period. Increased oxygen saturation responding immediately after an oral administration.

  • Rapid immunity booster
  • Results can be felt within 5-10 minutes
  • Fights effectively against viruses that affect the respiratory system
  • Shows effective results against many bacterial, fungal and viral infections
  • Rapid recovery from phlegm, cold and similar conditions
  • Increases the efficacy of the vaccination
  • Reduces the risk of vaccine induced complications
  • Boosts immunity prior to vaccination


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